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Planet Ice Rewards is a personal, invitation only cashback and rewards account. Once you have been provided with your very own registration code and set up your account, you will then have access to exclusive top cashback deals from thousands of retailers and daily voucher code and promotional deals.

How Does it Work?

Your account gives you access to cashback, voucher code deals and savings at thousands of retailers. Every time you shop online just purchase your items via your rewards account to claim your cashback and discounts.

  • Simply search for the retailer, product or category that you desire and then just click the Get Cashback or Offer button to be transferred directly to the retailer’s website. You are now connected and tracked and you should shop as you normally would. Any voucher code savings should be applied at checkout and your free cashback will automatically appear on your Rewards account page very soon after. It’s as simple as that!! Don’t let that free money get away.
  • All cashback transactions that you have made will go through a three-step process. You will see your pending cashback almost immediately in your account and then very soon it will move to the confirmed status. This is when the retailer has confirmed that the transaction you have made is valid. Finally, your cashback will then move to received status once the retailer has paid the cashback to us.
  • Once you have accumulated just £5.00 in your received balance you will then be able to withdraw all or part of your cashback into the bank account of choice by simply clicking the withdrawal tab.
  • If you have been set up on one of our Benefit rewards plans, this means that you have kindly agreed to donate 30% of your free cashback to support your chosen beneficiary. This will show on your accounts page in the donated balance.
  • We want you to really enjoy using your rewards account and ensure you get all of your cashback. It is only fair to tell you that in a very small number of cases a transaction may not track correctly and this can be for a number of reasons. It may be the cookies or extensions on your computer or it may be a broken link with a retailer. It’s rare, but it can definitely happen. If this should ever happen with one of your transactions we would ask you to simply get in touch via the options on our contact page and we will always try to trace the transaction with the retailer and put this right.

Make Life Rewarding

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